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I’m Hamid Nuh, a digital marketing specialist with a focus on creating impactful Facebook Ads campaigns. I thrive on helping businesses reach their potential through targeted advertising strategies.

Featured Project: Facebook Traffic Ad for Haven Hikes

Project Overview

Client: Haven Hikes
Industry: Tourism and Travel
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Campaign Type: Facebook Traffic Ad


  • Increase Clients Inquiries: Direct potential clients to Haven Hikes’.
  • Generate Leads: Capture contact information from interested users.
  • Drive Sales: Convert leads into paying clients for their travel packages.

Strategy and Execution

To meet these goals, I developed a comprehensive Facebook Traffic Ad campaign. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the approach:

  1. Target Audience Identification: Defined a precise audience based on demographics, interests in adventure and travel, and behavior patterns.
  2. Engaging Ad Creatives: Designed visually appealing ads with persuasive copy highlighting the unique travel experiences offered by Haven Hikes.


  • Leads Generated: Successfully captured 124 leads through the campaign.
  • Client Conversions: Converted more than 30 leads into paying clients.
  • Cost Efficiency: Delivered these results with a budget of just 3,632 PKR.
Screenshot of clients/leads
Screenshot of clients/leads
Screenshot of Cost per Result
Screenshot of Cost per Result

Skills and Expertise

  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Audience Targeting and Segmentation
  • Creative Ad Design
  • Lead Generation and Conversion Tracking
Screenshot of Ad Copy Designed by Hamid Nuh
Screenshot of Ad Copy Designed by Hamid Nuh


Muhammad Usman, CEO of Haven Hikes
“Hamid’s expertise in Facebook Ads significantly boosted our website traffic and brought in a considerable number of leads. His strategic approach converted many of those leads into loyal clients. Highly recommend his services!”

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