Captivating Audiences: YouTube Ad for GFX Printer

I’m Hamid Nuh, a digital marketing specialist focused on leveraging video advertising to drive engagement and sales. Below, you’ll find a detailed case study of a successful YouTube Ad campaign I managed for GFX Printer, a premier printing press in Dubai.

Featured Project: YouTube Ad for GFX Printer

Project Overview

Client: GFX Printer
Industry: Printing Press
Location: Dubai, UAE
Campaign Type: YouTube Video Ad


  • Increase Engagement: Boost interactions with the GFX Printer brand.
  • Drive Sales: Generate sales from video ad interactions.
  • Build Long-term Clients: Convert one-time customers into long-term clients.

Strategy and Execution

To meet these goals, I crafted a compelling YouTube Video Ad campaign. Here’s a breakdown of the approach:

  1. High-Quality Video Content: Produced engaging video content showcasing GFX Printer’s services and customer testimonials.
  2. Targeted Audience: Utilized YouTube’s targeting options to reach potential customers interested in printing services.
  3. Strategic Ad Placement: Placed ads on relevant videos and channels to maximize reach and engagement.
  4. Performance Monitoring: Continuously tracked key metrics to optimize the campaign for better results.

    Screenshot of YouTube Ad for GFX Printer
    Screenshot of YouTube Ad for GFX Printer


  • Impressions: The campaign garnered 1,664 impressions, increasing brand visibility.
  • Interactions: Achieved 677 interactions and 381 Views, including likes, shares, and comments.
  • Conversions: Resulted in multiple sales and the acquisition of long-term clients.
  • Cost Efficiency: Maintained an average cost per interaction of 2.3 PKR, and average cost per view is 4.9 PKR with a total campaign cost of 1,556 PKR (~20 AED).
Results of YouTube Ad
Results of YouTube Ad

Skills and Expertise

  • Video Ad Creation
  • YouTube Ads Management
  • Creative Content Development
  • Audience Targeting and Segmentation
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization
Ads performance
Ads performance


Ali Rashid, Manager of GFX Printer
“Hamid’s YouTube Ad campaign was a huge success for us. The video content was engaging, and the interactions led to significant sales and long-term client relationships. Hamid’s expertise in video advertising is exceptional.”

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